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StonePark Productions is a multi-discipline film and video production house located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Our core goal is to imagine, design, and create worlds from script to screen. StonePark Studios is designed to handle everything from concept art to large scale set builds. Our founders, being interested in all aspects of film making, have designed a studio that can handle most things under one roof. Some of our core areas of expertise:
StonePark Productions is a multi-discipline film and video production house located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Our core goal is to imagine, design, and create worlds from script to screen. StonePark Studios is designed to handle everything from concept art to large scale set builds. Our founders, being interested in all aspects of film making, have designed a studio that can handle most things under one roof. Some of our core areas of expertise:
StonePark Productions is a multi-discipline film and video production house located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Our core goal is to imagine, design, and create worlds from script to screen. StonePark Studios is designed to handle everything from concept art to large scale set builds. Our founders, being interested in all aspects of film making, have designed a studio that can handle most things under one roof. Some of our core areas of expertise:
StonePark Productions is a multi-discipline film and video production house located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Our core goal is to imagine, design, and create worlds from script to screen. StonePark Studios is designed to handle everything from concept art to large scale set builds. Our founders, being interested in all aspects of film making, have designed a studio that can handle most things under one roof. Some of our core areas of expertise:
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When those three words pierce the inky darkness of a theater, it signals the collaborative spirit of like-minded artists who have come together to realize a singular passion for telling compelling stories on screen. Employing a global network of talented artists, StonePark is capable of taking films from development all the way to distribution, spanning every phase of production entirely in-house.

Crafting a strong script as a blueprint for production is essential, enabling our team to then build upon that solid foundation with conceptual designs and visualizations that pave the way for set construction and, ultimately, principal photography. From there, we oversee editing, visual effects, and sound design, assembling all the pieces to create a stirring narrative.

It’s our belief that a powerful film with ambitious scope shouldn’t have to be produced within the traditional “box” that is Hollywood. And we’re going to prove it.
StonePark is focused on becoming the largest motion picture production company on the East Coast, handling design, production, and distribution of top quality films all under one roof.
With individual strengths that perfectly complement one another, coupled with a mutual love of writing, David A. Melendez and Michael DeVita encourage StonePark’s community of artists to succeed by seizing the same principles of collaborative teamwork that have led two childhood friends to work together in numerous successful ventures and never let their dream of filmmaking slip from sight.

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David A. Melendez - co-owner
While working to put himself through college, David formed J. Watkins Inc. in 2002, a real estate development firm operating in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. He served as CEO for ten years, and is credited for weathering the real estate crisis by reorganizing the company’s direction to concentrate on commercial properties. He sits on the DC Independent Film Festival Board of Directors.

With keen focus on the business side of StonePark, David acts as strategist and producer.
Michael DeVita - co-owner
Known for his stunning designs and craftsmanship at real estate development firm J. Watkins Inc., Michael has carried that natural attention to detail over into his career as an award-winning filmmaker. He oversees StonePark’s in-house post-production facility, StonePark Studios, and has utilized his technical prowess to found SP Mechanics, where he designs and develops proprietary camera stabilizers.

With a strong eye on the creative side of StonePark, Michael acts as innovator and director.
Robot 7546 - Reventlov
Muhammad Firdaus, Concept Artist
Alector Fencer, Concept Artist
Desert Winds
Andreas Rocha, Concept Artist
Fields of Gold
Andreas Rocha, Concept Artist
Dragonfly Robot
Vladyslav Ociacia, Concept Artist
In The Alley
Kentaro Kanamoto, Concept Artist
Dan Kuzmenka, Concept Artist
Enchanted Forest
Andreas Rocha, Concept Artist
Andreas Rocha, Concept Artist
Bionic Music Robot
Vladyslav Ociacia, Concept Artist
coming soon
coming soon
Post-production is the point when all the puzzle pieces are assembled into a final, cohesive narrative. Like everything along the way, it entails a tremendous amount of planning, something that begins long before the camera even rolls.

Unlike many independent production companies, StonePark is capable of handling virtually everything in-house, ushering a film all the way through the six major phases of post-production: editing, sound effects, music, visual effects, mixing, and color grading. And we do so with the determination to always keep an audience immersed in the story of the film and not distracted by the technicalities that made it.

Below is a look at the expertise provided by StonePark’s team of talented artists.
This is the process of taking the raw data handed over by production and turning it into a linier flowing story. Logging dailies, editing dialogue, action and montage sequences into a seamless story is the editor’s responsibility and passion. Creating visual tension and rhythm are critical skills an editor must posses. As a full-service production company, we live by those guiding rules. Being involved in every stage of production allows our filmmakers to collaborate with editors to create a single vision.
The seamless edit
A good edit should go completely unnoticed. You could even say an editor’s job is thankless. If done correctly you would never even know they were there. This may sound discouraging, but it is what an editor will strive to accomplish. Good edits match eyelines, frame composition, lighting and sound so seamlessly they will go completely unnoticed. This is critical to keeping an audience immersed in the story and not the technicalities that made it.
Visual effects, in short, are the manipulation of images through practical or digital means to create something that never was or never could be, giving filmmakers the ultimate license to let their imaginations run free.
Although the processes have come a long way since the late-1800s when effects were performed primarily in camera, the goal today remains the same: to combine two or more elements of film into a single image. Propelled to new heights in recent decades by pioneering filmmakers like George Lucas and James Cameron, visual effects are now by and large digitally created. It could be something as simple as removing an unwanted sign, or something as complex as constructing the attack of an alien armada.
Our sister company, StonePark Studios, has been designed from the ground up to tackle the rigors of visual effects, melding the skills of artists with the technology required to make their visions a reality. From previsualization, when complex shots are laid out with illustrations and animations, to final compositing, when all the artistry of modelers, motion trackers, matte painters, and lighting technicians are assembled into a single clean shot, we’re dedicated to making certain visual effects only serve to enhance the story, not distract from it.
The art of sound design.
Often overlooked by filmgoers because, at its very best, it doesn’t call attention to itself, good sound design is essential for taking you out of reality and dropping you right in the middle of a cinematic moment.
What is sound to film?
Imagine, if you will, watching your favorite film with no sound. No epic score heralding the hero’s arrival. Gun barrels flashing, but no bangs and pops. A Tyrannosaurus rex lurching toward you, but no thumps of its feet. No body-rumbling bass as it roars.

Sound design isn’t just about twisting a volume knob. The majority of sounds you hear in a film are added in post-production. Moving feet, gunshots, slamming doors, hissing wind, traffic, even dialogue, and, of course, music—all are generated and layered in by artists and engineers who must then match them seamlessly to the images on screen. When done right, the sounds will go completely unnoticed, blending with the visuals and strengthening the storytelling in untold ways.
Our process.
At StonePark, sound is considered fifty percent of a film. The process begins in pre-production, where the aural impact of scenes is determined. That planning is then put into practice during post-production by our full service facility, which includes Foley, effects creation and recording, automated dialogue replacement, and mixing.
Color Grading
Although much of the look and feel of a film is created on set with art direction, lighting, and cinematography, color grading is applied during post-production to give scenes consistency through color correction, as well as communicate atmosphere via artistic coloring effects.

Conveying emotion through the camera lens is one of the pillars of compelling filmmaking. Color grading can emphasize that, not just by enhancing a scene’s overall mood, but by also controlling the audience’s point of interest, influencing emotional tone by accentuating where the dramatic focus should lie within a frame.

It brings a unified look and feel to scenes, correcting over- and under-exposed shots, repairing shots damaged due to excessive noise, and matching shots that have a variance significant enough to pull one out of the drama of a scene.

StonePark stands by the idea that what you see on the theater screen should be precisely what the director envisioned. That’s achieved only through a clear line of communication, one that starts at the very beginning when we work closely with the production team to cut post-production costs by helping design lighting, wardrobe, and sets with a final color strategy in mind.

StonePark is equipped to handle all formats currently available, including 2k, 4k, R3D, DPX, and Open EXR.
DI and VFX hand off Uncorrected DPX or raw files with EDL
Sequence is ingested into our systems
Any original LUT’s or “Looks” are applied
Preliminary looks are created and locked down
Full film color correction completed
Final deliverable handed off to client
Expanding the images dynamic range
Repairing damaged shots do to excessive noise
Fixing over or under exposed shots
Shot matching
Controlling viewers point of interest
Setting tone and feel for your film
Ripped away from his younger brother and banished as a boy to a distant land, Alex Grey returns home ten years later to face the man responsible for his exile: his brutal, corrupt stepfather. Harnessing his inner demons, he becomes an unlikely hero whose far greater mission is to save the city he was forced to leave behind. He’s no longer the boy he once was. He’s more now. Much, much more.
David A. Melendez
Michael DeVita
Still in active development, Men and Mountains is actually director Michael DeVita and producer David Melendez’s first conceived film, fueled by their love for martial arts and classic underdog stories. It’s currently scheduled to be StonePark’s third feature, going into production after the release of Deor.

Artists and model makers have already begun conceptual design. Scheduled to shoot in nearly sixty locations in the United States and remote areas of Tibet, the film will also feature thirty-two large sets, including a mountain side, interior train cabs, shipping boat deck, large Asian street market, an intricate network of sewer tunnels, and a dilapidated, full-sized home designed specifically for a major gunfight.

Men and Mountains is designed to be an exhilarating experience—an action-packed, yet moving film about love, loss, and triumph.

Dylan (Harrison Sammuels), left abandoned at a young age by tragic misfortune, is taken in by a caring homeless man (Carson Grant) who helps shape him into a street-smart maverick. With the odds stacked against him, the teen fights to bring hope to his community, but that better future he yearns for is thrown into doubt when the realities of his past collide with a chilling secret.
Harison Sammuels - Carson Grant - Will Roland
Ben Rezendes - Erin O'Brien
David A. Melendez
Michael DeVita
DC Independent Film Festival - BEST FEATURE FILM
Garden State Film Festival - AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD
Albuquerque Film & Music Experience - BEST FEATURE FILM
See more on One Penny official website
The acclaimed One Penny is StonePark’s first produced feature film. With a talented production team guided by director Michael DeVita and producer David Melendez, and boasting a cast of eighty-plus actors, the film won fifteen awards on the festival circuit, including multiple Best Feature and Audience Choice awards.

From concept art and mock-up models that not only bring the director’s vision to life, but also ensure a level of preparedness essential to a smooth and on budget shoot, to sound design and visual effects, One Penny aptly demonstrates the full spectrum of StonePark’s capabilities. Shot in forty-three days, all aspects of production were handled in-house.

One large practical set, the homeless village known as Shepherd’s Cove, was constructed in rural Maryland, consisting of two hundred makeshift shell homes with three having fully functional interiors. The village was then extended digitally, one of seventy-six visual effect shots completed by StonePark Studios for the film. Other effects included multiple sign replacements, numerous license plate removals, muzzle flashes, bullet impacts, wire removal, and a set extension to create a stunning nighttime cityscape.

The film features an original score by composer Danny Gray, with all additional sound design, including sound effects and automated dialogue replacement, completed by StonePark.

Once the film completes its theatrical run, it will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and Blu-Ray December 1st, 2017.

A troubled New York City police detective teams with a rookie FBI agent to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a small town girl. Surrounded by town superstitions of a mythical beast that preys on the wicked, the detective finds herself inching closer and closer to a dark, sinister truth—one that is not quite human.
David A. Melendez
Michael DeVita
Deor is set to be the largest major feature film to be fully financed through an equity crowdsale using cryptocurrency.

The film industry has always been dominated by the big studios, who favor a walled off ecosystem where they control a significant amount of production and nearly all distribution. This is your chance to become a vital part of a watershed moment—an actual investor and part-owner in a feature film. StonePark is leveraging the power of Ethereum to make that a reality.
Ethereum is an open-source public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform that, unlike Bitcoin, is more than just a cryptocurrency. It also offers smart contract functionality, providing a means to raise funds for various applications. Contracts are set up to seek pledges from the community, with raised money then held until either the funding goal is met, or an agreed upon date is reached.
In exchange for “Ether”—Ethereum’s value token—we will be issuing STONES during our initial coin offering (ICO). STONES are the official cryptocurrency token of StonePark Productions. Whether you acquire many STONES, or just one, you’ll become a true investor in Deor, a major feature film that will be released theatrically, as well as on Blu-ray, and all major video on demand platforms.

As part owner of the film, and active participant in a dramatic industry sea change, we encourage you to promote your involvement loudly and enthusiastically. That type of crowd marketing will not only elevate the film’s chances of success, but greatly increase your return on investment.

Your investment in Deor, however, is not just in that one film. STONES will also be used as a viable trading currency within StonePark, allowing you the opportunity to purchase products from us, such as movie tickets, collectibles, and Blu-rays.

Please read the DEOR INVESTOR PACKET for more detailed information about the film and our team.
Token holders will be paid 100% of Adjusted Gross Proceeds until they recover their initial investment, plus 20% profit. After that point, token holders will receive 30% of profits moving forward. All tokens will only be issued to buyers in the sale. The production, development team, and company will not receive any tokens.
$10 MILLION - Funded with Ether


$10 M
STONES, StonePark’s cryptocurrency tokens, are considered securities under U.S. law, therefore can only be distributed to non-U.S. persons pursuant to regulations under the securities act of 1933. Before making any investments, please read the Terms and Token Purchase Agreement below for details.